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EV motor production line, stator, rotor and motor assembly line

This production line is suitable for new energy passenger car drive motors assembling stator components: including stator heating sleeve, cooling, air tightness test, surge test, back cover gluing, wave bomb and other rotor components: automatic pressure magnetic steel, injection molding...

Electric Motor Manufacturing Assembly Line

This assembly line is mainly suitable for the automatic assembly of three-phase asynchronous motors; all equipment of the whole line is equipped with advanced technology to complete automatic feeding, installation of wave washers, automatic stator feeding, reaming, automatic labeling, automatic assembly, automatic rotor insertion, automatic insertion Bearings, automatic assembly of end caps, automatic riveting, automatic air gap checking, automatic pressing of pulleys, automatic detection of runout, automatic noise and motor performance testing

Home appliance motor manufacturing Line

Home appliance motor application field This production line is suitable for the assembly of household air-conditioning motors. Rotor components: rotor loading, shaft insertion, magnetization, pressure bearing, snap ring assembly: stator cooling, inspection, oiling, installation of wave pads, rotor, circuit board welding isolation Paste ring, install red steel, press end cap, install waterproof cover, stop ring, affix nameplate, silent test, oil, install shock ring, riveting double buckle, inner expansion, waterproof under the double ear shock ring cover

New Energy Vehicle (EV motor) hairpin stator manufacturing.

Hairpin Motor Stator Production Line Technical Proposal B type paper inserting machine B type paper hi-pot test & end expanding machine Hair pin forming machine Hair pin coil inserting machine Hair pin end expanding machine Hair pin end twisting machine Perpendicularity straightening machine Perpendicularity testing machine Hair pin flat cutting machine Hair pin laser welding machine Coil testing machine Trickling machine Busbars welding machine Laser marking machine Stator tester (includes PDIV test)

Electric Rickshaw BLDC Motor Manufacturing Assembly Line

Motor assembly line application: This brushless motor assembly line is suitable for the automated production of automobile drive motors. For example, two-wheel electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric balance bikes, new energy vehicles, three-wheel electric vehicles and four-wheel old scooters.

Electric Motor Rotor Aluminum Die Casting Machine

The aluminium rotor die-casting line is suitable for casting aluminum of various types of motor rotors, and can realize the integrated production of fully automatic rotors. The aluminium rotor die-casting line is easy to operate. It only takes one day for green hands becoming practician. It takes about 10min to change mould. It is high working efficiency and equipped with 4 aluminium casting stations , 300-500pcs/hour.

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