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6 core manufacturing processes of flat wire motor stator

The current basic process flow of the flat wire motor stator production line is: slotting paper → making hairpins → threading hairpins → end ring shaping → end ring welding → star point connection → insulation treatment at the welding area, including wire forming and paper forming and paper insertion

Flat wire motor X-pin winding technology

X-pin winding technology is mainly used in electric vehicles, medical equipment, aerospace, etc. These application scenarios have higher performance requirements for motors and require the use of more efficient and reliable motors to meet their performance requirements.

Electric vehicle hairpin motor technology

Hairpin technology is a winding process, but it is different from the traditional copper wire coil manufacturing method. It uses copper strips inserted into the stator laminations and is made of enamelled copper wire with a layer of varnish.

Why are flat wire motors more suitable for new energy vehicles than round wire motors?

The flat wire motor conforms to the development needs and direction of the new energy automobile industry. It can provide more efficient, energy-saving, comfortable and environmentally friendly driving solutions for new energy vehicles.

The composition and characteristics of frameless motors

Frameless motors are often installed in advanced machines and offer advantages such as compact structure and easy maintenance, which can improve machine performance.

How to choose new energy vehicle drive motor?

The key to selecting a drive motor for new energy vehicles is the mechanical characteristics of the motor. So far, the drive motors used in electric vehicles mainly include: DC motors, AC asynchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, DC brushless motors and switched magnet motors.

How to improve the cooling capacity of new energy vehicle motor?

The core of really evaluating the quality of the motor is heat dissipation. Whether it is the acceleration capability of the electric car, the long-lasting extreme speed performance, or the economical power consumption level, it is inseparable from the support of heat dissipation. Heat dissipation determines both the upper limit and the lower limit of the motor.

Electric Balance Wheel Hub Motor Manufacturing Solution

NIDE can supply electric balance wheel hub permanent magnet motor manufacturing technology, mainly including outer rotor core, stator core, permanent magnet, armature winding, stator fixed block and shaft, which belongs to the technical field of electric vehicles.

Flat Wire Motors And Hair-Pin Motors Technology

The classification of flat wire motors and the process of Hair-pin hairpin motors.

Why Choose Laser Welding For New Energy Motor Stator?

The new energy motor stator is an important part of motors such as generators and starters. It consists of three parts: stator core, stator winding and machine base.

Manufacturing Process Of Permanent Magnet Motor

NIDE Group focuses on providing various motor manufacturing solutions, including permanent magnet motors, induction motors, series motors, brushless phones, flat wire motors, etc. Our customers provide one-stop motor manufacturing solutions and equipment, as well as motor accessories.

New Energy Electric Vehicle Motor Types

NIDE Group provides various motor manufacturing solutions for global customers. Our new energy vehicle motor manufacturing solutions have also been recognized by partners and have been continuously upgraded to meet customer needs.

Electric Vehicle EV Traction Motor Development Trend

The motor in the electric vehicle market has been subdivided according to the assembly type, application, motor type, vehicle type, power and geographical area.

EV Motor Manufacturing Process

An EV motor structure typically consists of a rotor, stator, magnets, and windings. The rotor is the rotating part of the motor and is typically made of iron. The stator is the stationary part of the motor and is typically made of steel.

Automobile motor manufacturing-Flat wire motor manufacturing

The current new energy vehicle motor mainly adopts flat wire motor manufacturing technology.

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