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The composition and characteristics of frameless motors

Frameless motors are often installed in advanced machines and offer advantages such as compact structure and easy maintenance, which can improve machine performance.

The composition and characteristics of frameless motors

The frameless motor can assemble the stator and rotor components directly into the machine, which facilitates the high integration of the end product and reduces the size. A frameless motor is the part of a conventional motor that produces torque and speed, but does not have a shaft, bearings, housing or end caps. Frameless motors have only two components: the rotor and the stator. The rotor is usually an internal component consisting of a rotating steel ring assembly with permanent magnets mounted directly on the machine shaft. The stator is the outer component, with steel and copper windings surrounding the outside of the gear to generate the electromagnetic force that clings tightly to the machine casing.

Frameless motors are often installed in advanced machines and offer advantages such as compact structure and easy maintenance, which can improve machine performance.

Frameless motors can be used in a variety of robotics and automation fields, including robotics, medicine, machine tools, packaging, printing, processing and general automation. In the field of humanoid robots, frameless motors are also expected to take advantage of their compact structure and high performance and be used in fields such as robot limbs.

Robots require frameless motors with strong overload capability, high responsiveness and reliability. Robot actions such as walking, running, and bouncing are all driven by robot joint motors. As the core hardware of the robot, the robot joint motor directly determines the important performance of the robot. The overall requirements for robots for motors are light weight, small size, and high torque. For example, when a robot is running or bouncing, the motor needs to have instant burst power output capability, so the joint motor needs to have high overload capability and high dynamic response capability; on the other hand, under complex working conditions, high reliability is required for the joint motor. requirements.

Torque density and torque ripple requirements are high, and integrated magnets can help improve the efficiency of frameless motors and save space. The core component of the robot joint is the joint permanent magnet torque motor. The high torque density and low torque ripple of the torque motor are the basis for realizing lightweight and high-precision operation of the robot joint. Traditional spliced tile-type permanent magnets have large magnetic flux leakage, which reduces the motor efficiency and air gap magnetic density, thereby reducing the torque density of the joint motor.

Most magnetic rings of permanent magnet motors are made of spliced tile-shaped magnets or bonded magnetic rings: 1) Due to the presence of non-magnetic phases such as adhesives, the magnetic function of the bonded magnetic rings is quite low; 2) Processing of tile-shaped sintered magnets The procedure is long, the material consumption is very large, and the magnetic flux leakage in the magnetic pole splicing gap is quite large; 3) Based on the full-density radiation-oriented Nd-Fe-B overall permanent magnet ring, its magnetization orientation is radial, so that at both ends of the magnetic ring, Constituting N pole and S pole, it can replace many traditional square or tile-shaped magnets, simplify the motor installation process, improve installation accuracy, increase the smoothness of motor operation, reasonably reduce component volume and improve its performance, achieving improvements. Efficiency and energy saving intentions.

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