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Difference Between Stepper Motor And Brushless Motor

Stepping motors and brushless motors are two kinds of driving motors that are widely used. They are obviously different in structure, field and driving characteristics.

Difference Between Stepper Motor And Brushless Motor

       Stepping motors and brushless motors are two kinds of driving motors that are widely used. They are obviously different in structure, field and driving characteristics. The difference between stepping motors and brushless motors will be introduced in detail below. , Application scenario introduction.

       Stepping motor is also called pulse motor, based on the most basic principle of electromagnet, it is a kind of electromagnet that can rotate freely, and its action principle is to rely on the change of air gap permeance to generate electromagnetic torque. A stepper motor is a motor that converts electrical pulse signals into corresponding angular or linear displacements. Every time a pulse signal is input, the rotor rotates an angle or advances one step, the output angular displacement or linear displacement is proportional to the number of input pulses, and the rotational speed is proportional to the pulse frequency. Therefore, stepper motors are also called pulse motors. Usually the rotor of the motor is a permanent magnet. When the current flows through the stator winding, the stator winding generates a vector magnetic field. The magnetic field will drive the rotor to rotate at an angle, so that the direction of a pair of magnetic fields of the rotor is consistent with the direction of the magnetic field of the stator. When the stator's vector magnetic field rotates an angle. The rotor also turns an angle with this magnetic field. Stepper motors have the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, fast response, long service life, and high output torque.

       Stepper motors are used in intelligent robot drives, lifting tables, electric sofas, ATM machines, inkjet printers, cutting plotters, photo machines, spraying equipment, medical instruments and equipment, industrial automation equipment, small electric tools, precision instruments, industrial control systems , office automation, robotics and other fields.

       Brushless DC motors use semiconductor switching devices to improve electronic commutation, that is, electronic switching devices are used to replace traditional contact commutators and brushes. It has the advantages of high reliability, no commutation spark, low mechanical noise, etc. It is widely used in high-end recording sets, video recorders, electronic instruments and automated office equipment.

       The brushless DC motor is composed of a permanent magnet rotor, a multi-pole winding stator, a position sensor, etc. According to the change of the rotor position, the position sensor commutates the current of the stator winding in a certain order (that is, detects the position of the rotor magnetic pole relative to the stator winding, and generates a position sensor signal at the determined position, which is processed by the signal conversion circuit To control the power switch circuit, switch the winding current according to a certain logic relationship). The working voltage of the stator winding is provided by the electronic switching circuit controlled by the output of the position sensor.

       Application of brushless motors: small power and small brushless motors need to be used together with gearboxes, and are widely used in smart car drives, robot drives, smart home drives, household appliances drives, consumer electronics drives, communication equipment drives, medical equipment drives, Electronic lock drive and other industries and equipment.

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