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Congratulations! Nide Group Opens New Factory Project

On March 2, 2022, the NIDE Group starts the new factory project in the core area of Lingfeng Modern Industrial Park officially .

On March 2, 2022, the NIDE Group starts the new factory project in the core area of Lingfeng Modern Industrial Park officially .

The NIDE new plant covers an area of 16,818 square meters, and the main buildings are 4-storey production workshops and 7-storey office buildings. The total investment of the project is 130 million yuan. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.

Ningbo Nide Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on motor automation, intelligence and information manufacturing. It mainly provides one-stop service for domestic and foreign high-end motor brand manufacturers. The core business is R&D, production and sales of motor automation (complete sets) equipment, including various motor stator production equipment, rotor production equipment, motor assembly stand-alone and fully automated equipment. The company currently has about 120 patents with independent intellectual property rights, including 27 invention patents and 93 utility model patents. It has been deeply engaged in the field of new energy vehicle drive motor equipment manufacturing for more than ten years, with strong development momentum and strong product core competitiveness, especially the motor manufacturing production line technology developed by itself is leading the world.

After the plant is completed and put into use, it will provide complete supporting facilities and a good development environment for the settlement of the NIDE project. It will integrate the company headquarters and affiliated enterprises in various places. It is mainly used for R&D, production and sales of new energy vehicle motors. Brush motor stators and rotors and the intelligent, automated and information-based production equipment for assembly, and strive to make the enterprise a model of "specialized, refined and innovative" within 5 years, successfully listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board or GEM, and become the top motor in the industry An automated production enterprise, helping the development of new energy vehicles and China's intelligent manufacturing.

The high starting point and high standard of Ningbo Beilun 246 Industrial Park, as well as the support and guidance of the leaders, will help NIDE continue to become a better and stronger enterprise, giving back to the society and the government.

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