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Wholesale 33P Starter Armature Commutator Three Phase Commutator

Starter Three Phase Self Armature Commutator 33P Wholesale

The Starter armature commutators are made of copper with 0.03% silver and bakelite. Suitable for Automobile, Starter, Motorcycle.

Automobile Starter Motor Copper Three Phase Self Armature Commutator 67*29.93*80 33P 

The Starter commutators are made of copper with 0.03%  silver and bakelite.Suitable for Automobile, Starter, Motorcycle.


The automobile commutator on the DC generator converts the AC into pulsating DC. The commutator assures that the current from the generator always flows in one direction.


To be free from void(bubble) more than 1mm and cracks in molded resin surface, but air hole( depth: 1.4±0.1, width: 0.5±0.05) should be tolerated.


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Self Armature Commutator Parameter

Product name: Starter Self Armature Commutator
Material: Copper with 0.03%  silver and bakelite
Dimensions:OD67XID29.93XH80X33P  or Customized
Application: Automobile starter commutator
Type: slot /Segment commutator
Temperature control range:  380 (℃)
Working current:380 (A)
Working voltage:220 (V)
Applicable motor power: 220, 380 (kw)

Starter Self Armature Commutator Picture

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