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Automatic New Energy Motor Stator Winding And Insertion Machine

Automatic EV Motor Stator Winding And Insertion Machine

This motor stator winding and embedding machine is suitable for the automobile new energy motor stators manufacturing.

This motor stator winding and embedding machine is suitable for the manufacture of new energy motor stators.

Widely used in the automotive field.New energy vehicles have three major advantages: environmental protection, conservation and simplicity. It is particularly evident in pure electric vehicles: the electric motor is used instead of the fuel engine, which is driven by the electric motor without the need for an automatic transmission. Compared with the automatic transmission, the motor has a simple structure, mature technology and reliable operation.

1. New Energy Motor Winding Features and Functions

The New Energy Motor stator coil winding and inserting machine has one automatic motor coil winding stations and one stator coil inserting station. During winding, the motor stator copper wire will be auto wound to the tooling, so as to avoid the wire damage and snap caused by wire cross and disorder during manual wire transfer.With automated coil winding and insertion wokring automatic combination, the stator coil winding and inserting machine will be save labor cost, high efficiency, and can fulfill the 2-pole, 4-pole and 6-pole three-phase motor coil winding. The New Energy Motor coil winding and inserting station is controlled by the dual-power servo motor, and the parameters such as winding, pushing the line, pushing the height of the paper, and changing the product stack thickness can be set on the touch screen. 

2. New Energy Motor WindingTechnical parameters

Product name : New Energy Motor stator coil winding and inserting machine    
 Stack Height:    30-120mm
  Appropriate Wire: φ0.2-φ1.2mm
  Stator OD:  ≤φ150mm
  Stator ID:   40-110mm 
Motor Winding stations: 1
Stator Coil inserting stations:  1
Winding inserting mode: chained /same core   
Power supply:    380V 50/60Hz   
Air pressure:   0.6-0.8 MPa    
Watt :    5Kw   
Weight :  ≈2200Kg    
Dimension: (L)2200×(W)1500×(H)2200mm

3. New Energy Motor Winding Picture Show

4. New Energy Motor Winding Video

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