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Customized Mid-Drive Motor Magnet

Product Description:

Electric Bike Mid-Drvie Motor permanent magnets are permanent magnet components that feature a nickel coating for a durable and reliable finish. Suitable for electric bike and motorcycle, electric car and new energy vechicle,etc. They are customizable in size, and can withstand temperatures ranging from 80-250℃ with a density of 7.5. 



Product Name: Electric Bike Mid-Drive motor permanent magnet

Material: N35-38AH

Remanence: 11.8-14.2 Kgs Can Be Customized

Package: Carton/Wooden Box

Coercivity: 861-1060 KA/m Can Be Customized

Density: 7.5


Technical Parameters:

Parameters Details

Color Customized

Shape Rectangle / Square/ Arc

Intrinsic coercive force 955-2790 KA/m Can Be Customized

Size Customized

Frequency 50HZ-60HZ

Remanence 11.8-14.2 Kgs Can Be Customized

Application Electric Car Wheel Hub Motor

Coercivity 861-1060 KA/m Can Be Customized

Density 7.5



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