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Automobile Motor alternator stator coil making machine

Automatic alternator motor winding machine

This motor winding machine is suitable for automobile motor alternator stator coil winding.

Automobile Motor alternator stator coil winding making machine

(1). The alternator stator winding machine application

This automatic motor winding machine is  suitable for alternator and generator stator coil winding , especially suitable for automobile alternator motor.


(2). The alternator stator winding machine technical paramenter 

Product name: Automobile motor alternator stator coil winding machine

Wire diameter: 0.5~1.8mm

Max stack height: 55mm

Max stator OD: 160mm

Max stator ID: 80mm

Jump file number: 250RPM

winding stations: 2

Air source: ≥0.4MPa

Power supply: 380V 50/60HZ 4KW

Weight: about 1200KG



(3). The alternator stator winding machine Main feature: 

The alternator stator coil winding spindle drive by servo motor,wire feeding,cutting and winding are completed automatically. It could use for one wire or two wire parallel winding,transfer form indexing is automatically, this alternator motor winding machine can be winding two coils. 

(4). The alternator stator winding machine picture show

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