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Automatic BLDC Motor 3 Needles Coil Winding Machine

Automatic Brushless DC Motor 3 Needles Winding Machine

This brushless motor winding machine adopts 3-wire needle winding technology, the maximum speed can reach 1200 revolutions per minute, suitable for brushless motor winding and stepping motor winding.

Automatic BLDC Motor 3 Needles Coil Winding Machine 

This BLDC stator winding machine is suitable for winding the servo motor stator coil. It adopts 3 needle-type inner winding technolgy design and single-station operation. During winding, 3 slots can be wound at the same time. The manipulator automatically picks up the stator, reducing labor. cost. The whole coil winding process is automatic, efficient and safe, 3 strands are wound at the same time, the maximum speed can reach 1200 revolutions per minute, different types of brushless stators can be wound according to customer requirements, this inner winding machine has self-diagnosis function.

Technical parameters of brushless winding machine:

Product:Automatic BLDC Motor 3 Needles Coil Winding Machine 
Winding method: 3 Needles Winding Technolgy
Wire diameter:0.15-0.7mm (special specifications can be customized)
BLDC stator stack thickness: 5-60mm
BLDC stator ID: 10-50mm
BLDC stator OD: 30-80mm
Winding speed: 50-1200 r/min
Winding station:Single station
Air source pressure: 0.5MPa~0.7MP
Power supply: 380V/50HZ, 3-phase 4-wire
Total power: 8.5 KW
Weight: About 550 Kg

Needle Winding Machine Application

The 3 needle winding machine can be used in the manufacture of medical equipment, office equipment, smart home, household appliances, electronic products, automotive fields, etc.

Needle Winding Machine Picture

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