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Automobile alternator stator coil lap winding machine for generator motor manufacturing

Automobile generator stator coil lap winding machine

This automatic stator winding machine adopts a three-station winding design, is suitable for automobile generator stator coils winding

Automobile generator stator coil lap winding machine

This automatic stator winding machine is suitable for the manufacture of automobile generators and alternators. It adopts a three-station coil lap winding design, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces labor costs.

I. Technical requirements and parameters

Product name: Automobile generator stator winding equipment
Stator ID:≥Φ85mm
Stator OD: ≤Φ120mm
Stack length: ≤45mm
Wire dia.:Φ0.85mm-Φ1.6mm
Power and environment

Wire arraying axis servo motor: 750w

Winding axis servo motor: 400w

Indexing axis servo motor: 200w

Power supply: 380V, three phase 4wires, 50Hz
Total power:3kw
Air source: 0.5MPa
Environment:-5℃--38℃, humidity: 60%
Color: computer gray RAL7035.
Dimension: 1250*1300*1900MM


II. Features:

The working speed of the equipment is stable and smooth;

The whole machine has no obvious vibration or noise;

The controller of the equipment can set the number of turns, wire diameter, wire width, and winding direction;

It can stop halfway, and the start button will continue winding;

The coils wound by the equipment meet the customer's winding die size and resistance requirements;

The number of turns of the coil is accurate, the arrangement is neat, and there is no overlap;

Coil appearance after winding: The patent leather is not damaged, peeled off, or broken;

The equilibrium value of the coil resistance of the three stations after winding is within 1%.


III. Main configuration

1. Machine condition

Power supply AC380V ±10%, frequency 50HZ

Dynamic voltage AC380V, control voltage: AC220V, DC24V

Max. Air pressure: 0.6MPa

2. Equipment status indicator: The equipment must have a clear indicator for the operating status of the equipment;

Green light: the equipment is in normal operation;

Yellow light: equipment stopped or other;

Red light: abnormal or malfunctioning equipment;

3. Environmental requirements: temperature requirements: -5℃-38℃; humidity requirements: 60%

4. Ability design: three-shift system (Note: one day work 21H/day, 330 days/year)

  Production efficiency: Taking a single wire with 7 turns as an example, the winding time is not more than 120 seconds.

5. Safety items: The electrical performance is E-class, and it has a good grounding, and the impedance is 500MΩ.

   Emergency stop switch setting: An emergency stop switch is set on the surface of each operation control box, and an emergency stop switch must be obviously set next to the job position switch.

6. All wiring: U-shaped terminal form is adopted, wiring mark adopts sleeve printing mark, and the wiring is beautiful.

7. The power supply gas inlet is equipped with a high-precision filter device and a gas pressure reducing valve.

8. The equipment adopts a fully enclosed protective structure; Pay sufficient attention to the safety and protection of the equipment during the design process.

9. Mechanical part: Good selection of parts and components, high wear resistance, processing accuracy meets technical requirements, good lubrication conditions for each transmission component, which can ensure that each transmission component is fully lubricated, and the wire feeding mechanism is reasonably designed to meet the requirements of high-speed operation demand.

10. Electrical part: line installation is neat and standardized, standard, screw fastening and grounding are good, heat dissipation conditions are good, using the latest program control, program control is stable, reliable, and action Interlock, no disorderly movement, easy maintenance.

11. The touch screen adopts the latest design style, which is convenient and simple to operate.

12. The equipment is stable when working, with moderate clearance and good lubrication.


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