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Wheel hub motor winding machine-Stator armature coil winder

Automatic wheel motor winding machine

This wheel hub motor stator winding machine is mainly used in electric vehicle and new energy vehicles motor manufacturing.

This wheel hub motor stator winding machine is mainly used in electric vehicle motor , new energy vehicles motor, industrial fans motor, elevators motor, and aeration pump motors.

Performance and features

1.Suitable for wheel hub motor manufacturing

2.Fully automatic winding of the stator wire package, the wire head and tail are automatically trimmed by the machine, and the material is manually loaded and unloaded.

3.The joint design of the equipment parts adopts the card slot design, which can be quickly positioned after disassembly.

4.The sliding parts are designed with standard linear guide rails and card slots, which will not move after long-term use.

5.The flyer spindle of the equipment is within 0.03mm when winding.

6.Mold tooling change within 15 minutes.

Technical parameter

Product name:Wheel hub motor stator/armature winding machine
Air pressure:0.4-0.7Mpa
Input voltage:  220V
Power: 5KW
Rotor O.D:D198-D330mm(or Customize)
Stack height:40-75mm(or Customize)
Wire dia: 0.35-1.2mm 
Qualification rate:≥99%

Wheel hub motor winding machine picture

Wheel hub motor winding machine video

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